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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Who is AMATS?

    MTP 2040 is brought to you by the Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions.  AMATS is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) responsible for transportation planning for the Anchorage Bowl, and Chugiak-Eagle River. One of the most important roles of AMATS is the preparation and adoption of the MTP, which is the guiding document for identifying and prioritizing transportation projects in the region.  For more information about AMATS, visit AMATS website at: www.muni.org/Departments/OCPD/Planning/AMATS/Pages/default.aspx.

  • 2. Why is AMATS Updating the MTP?

    As an MPO, Anchorage is authorized to receive Federal Highway Trust Fund dollars.  Federal planning regulations require MPO’s to develop an MTP, with a planning horizon of at least 20 years.  The MTP lists the proposed projects for the region.  AMATS must update the MTP every 4 years. MTPS updates address changes in traffic and transportation needs, growth in population and development, and changes in funding levels. MTP 2040 must be adopted by the end of 2019 in order for AMATS to remain eligible for federal funding.

  • 3. How does the MTP work with other plans?

    The MTP is an element of the Municipality of Anchorage’s Comprehensive Plan. To coordinate land use and transportation planning, the MTP incorporates transportation and land use guidance and strategies from other plans such as the Anchorage Bowl Comprehensive Plan and Chugiak-Eagle River Comprehensive Plan.  Federal guidance and state plans provide input as well. Adopted subarea plans provide more recommendations that are specific to their geographic regions.

  • 4. Who is involved in developing the MTP?

    AMATS is responsible for developing the MTP in cooperation with partner transportation agencies and the public.  HDR  was hired by the Municipality of Anchorage to assist in updating the MTP.

  • 5. What does multi-modal transportation mean?

    Multi-modal transportation means roads, rail, pedestrian, and bicycle, and transit forms of travel. Each mode of transportation and their current conditions and future needs will be reviewed and evaluated in the MTP.

  • 6. Will the public have an opportunity to participate in the planning efforts?

    Yes! Public participation is integral to the success of the Anchorage 2040 MTP. Sign up for the mailing list to receive regular project updates and opportunities to provide input on this website by visiting the "Get Involved" tab.

Eagle River Bridge Replacement, Eagle River, AK - Photo Credits: HDR
Glenn Highway Bragaw Interchange, Anchorage, AK - Photo Credits: HDR