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AMATS Review and Approval Process:

AMATS has defined review and approval steps required to finalize and adopt the MTP.  During development of the MTP, the AMATS Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) reviews the work process and evaluates draft technical documents, with input from the AMATS Citizens Advisory Committee, and forwards their recommendation for review and approval to the Policy Committee (PC).  The PC gives ultimate AMATS approval of final MTP documents. Both committees will provide direction and take action, as needed, throughout the MTP process.  Please refer to the Public Involvement Plan for more detail on how the AMATS committees are involved.


You can follow TAC and PC activities on the AMATS website. Links to deliverables under review are provided within each agenda. Agendas are posted one week prior to the TAC and PC meetings.


You can also sign up to receive updates on upcoming TAC and PC agendas and meetings here: Subscribe for AMATS Updates.

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