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About the Plan

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AMATS Boundary Map

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Planning Process

Guiding Principles

The MTP will be developed using an efficient and inclusive outreach process. It is the best opportunity for involving the public to determine policy guidance and transportation priorities. To this end, Guiding Principles were developed. These Guiding Principles were based on previous plans and community values and reflect AMATS’ desire to engage in a collaborative and continuous transportation planning process. Essentially, these guiding principles represent the planning team’s commitment to each other and to 2040 MTP stakeholders – the elected officials, various committee members, and especially the residents of Anchorage.


The Guiding Principles for the MTP 2040 Update are:

  • Pursue meaningful public involvement
  • Seek to understand all ideas and viewpoints
  • Be responsive to the public
  • Conduct an open and inclusive process
  • Follow guidance provided by the AMATS Technical Advisory Committee and Policy Committee
  • Promote opportunities that involve traditionally underserved and underrepresented residents in the transportation planning process
  • Analyze and display data so that it is clear for decision makers and the public
  • Seek to build public understanding
  • Listen to and reflect the public’s concerns and aspirations in the alternatives developed
  • Provide feedback on how public input influenced the decision
  • Create a user-friendly, readable, and understandable plan
  • Create a plan that is multimodal, and reflects changing demographics and changing desires of Anchorage’s population
  • Integrate the 2040 transportation plan update with the overall planning process in Anchorage
  • Integrate land use planning into the transportation plan in a more direct, intentional, and strategic way
  • Seek to develop a plan that is consistent with the goals and objectives of Anchorage’s adopted plans, including sub-area Comprehensive Plans,  and which continues to foster the implementation of those goals and objectives
  • Comply with local, state, and federal requirements
  • Adhere to the schedule and budget.



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